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By Neeper
Hey guys

What happened to all the search options in materials? Both on web and in studio, there is nothing you can do except searching for a material and get a totally random list of MXM's containing this material? You used to have options, search by rating, and there also used to be a lot more information about each material? This also means searching for a material, many search words aren't working anymore.

Try searching for diamond, carbon, nothing shows up? And there used to be 3000+ materials, now only 1094? Premium? whatever that is, 0 materials?

Huge disappointment, what do you guys think?

By luis.hijarrubia
Search still not working fine and materials are not fully tagged. We are working on that. Other options like rating are removed, we have a new direction on the gallery. The new gallery idea is that every material there is certified by us to be good one, useful and with good performance (taking into account the complexity of the material), and a lot of not so good ones were removed. So right now there are about 1k materials. Those we thought were the best, but we will be adding more as soon as we end tagging these 1k. So at the end we are looking to have easier way to find the best materials to do anything, with a new tagging and only having very good materials there.
By Neeper
Whatever the intention may be for how this is going to work in the future, then you've released a beta product which isn't ready for primetime. Search isn't working at all, is it possible to get a link to the old material page?

By Neeper
Here is a few examples of what does not work.

Search for:

Etc etc etc

Why not let search actually search for the material name? There are materials containing these words, this tagging idea isn't working. And some kind of rating system is needed too, if not by users, you should rate them yourselves.

By luis.hijarrubia
The search will be working by name too (it should indeed). The rating system have no sense to me. We are putting only the best materials here, I mean if you are looking for silver, all materials there will be kind of 5 star silver.
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By choo-chee
btw - I couldn't understand the "performance level" factor. what is considered fast and what is slow ? numbers like "0.3" don't mean anything to me. why not something as simple as 1-10 scale or 1-5 stars ... ?
By luis.hijarrubia
They are percentiles. From 0 to 1. I can't remember if they are 0.0 to 0.9 or 0.1 to 1.0. Anyway it something like: 0.9 it's on the 10% of faster materials in the gallery. This number was suppoused to be internal only, and should be displayed to the user in a more friendly way, like speedometer, red to green icons or so. And I think on studio is something like that, but well, it's not properly resolved everywhere... yet.

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