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By mitchrichie
I'm re-evaluating maxwell and running into an materials issue. One of the big benefits of Maxwell is the large material library.

I'm in Maya and create a Maxwell ref material. Choose the online catalogue and import a material that contains textures.

When I go to render I get:

ERROR: - >> Error: Reading Bitmap "C:\Users\tom\Desktop\FIXED_2\aged_wood_4201\Aged.jpg". Format not recognized. Render cannot continue.
ERROR: - Bitmap File not found ( C:\Users\tom\Desktop\FIXED_2\aged_wood_4201\Aged.jpg ) in bump of Material "maxwellRefMaterial6"
ERROR: - Data preprocess failed. Render cannot continue
[09/December/2016 16:29:00] Ending render process..

ERROR: - Render Failed

It's as if when you import the material, the references to the .jpg texture files are set by the original creator of the material and not correct. In the case of the first error, does maxwell not read .jpgs for bitmaps anymore?
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By Mihai
The material library should be free of these "texture not found" errors - you can send a PM to tom on this forum and mention which material it is. In the meantime the fastest way to fix this is to make sure all the textures are in the same folder as the .MXM file itself. Then it should find them, even if the internal texture paths in the .MXM are different.

Or, simply double click the .MXM to open it in MXED, it will say it can't locate some texture and ask for you to locate it - find it in the file browser that opens, and once that's done, click the Save and Close button in MXED (the little CD icon), and it will save the MXM with the new paths.
In the case of the first error, does maxwell not read .jpgs for bitmaps anymore?
I think that's just the phrasing of the error message, which consists of the two parts really.
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By choo-chee
I've noticed that in order to prevent that error, some jpg's must be saved in photoshop again with "baseline-standard" option ticked.
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