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By T0M0
Please correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't previous version render a black object,
when I assigned material with additive layer or SSS material ?

Here are results with, enviroment is lit by ...\hdri\hdrmaps\hdrmaps-com-E018.exr (in MR root directory)
CPU additive layer Rg=0 R0,R90=0 0 0 Nd=1.51

GPU additive layer Rg=0 R0,R90=0 0 0 Nd=1.51

GPU Rubber Blue Translucent preset
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By Tea_Bag
Looks like additive layers and SSS is now working in GPU :shock:

I am playing with additive layers now and on both the GPU and CPU Fire my red plastic starts as orange and becomes red the longer it renders. Is this normal? I havce never noticed that before.

CPU render (not fire) its ok
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