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By Matthew Schrock

The latest OSX release does not include the caca.mxs file - it does however include a sample mxs called rgb.mxs.

To locate this file as well as the documentation you just control-click on the Maxwell application icon and select "Show Package Contents" from the menu that comes up.

By Nigel Baker
Hello Mathew,

Thank you for the advise. Did a test. very disappointed with this one. I also tried the "focus.mxs" Its really looking good but after 2 hours of rendering I stopped. tryingg to figure out the over all thing, still.

Any words of wisdom to adoid pitfalls or to help with set up would be most appreciated. Thanks
By lluistar

You have got as far as all us (mac users) have got so far. Well you have lightwave so you can experiment with the plugin now.

Remember that Maxwell isn't optimized for mac yet. so it's timings are very, very slow.

Happy renders.
By Nigel Baker
Hello lluistar,

Thanks for the responses throughout.
I seem to have hit a new wall.
setting up a new Lightwave file and when I send it to render.
The render window appears the G5 fans kick in as if there is something is going on but then nothing. No image.

The same thing happens if I make a .mxs file and try to render ftom the .mxs file.

Are you having similar issues or can you render okay.
By lluistar
Looks like your are "voxelixating" the mxs file to render. If the resolution you set is too big there is memory issue and... nothing happen.

Try rendering at 640x800 first and increase it. Don't be greedy ;)
By Nigel Baker
Hello lluistar,

What is the camera limitations. I had the regular LW camera 649x480.
this just gave me an idea, I had the Anti Alias set to Enhanced Medium, Took it off again and it is rendering again.

Thanks for the prompt.
By lluistar
I can't help you there. I have no lightwave.


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