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By Nicolas Rivera
:( :( :( :( :( :( I'm very sad, i cant make it work at all in osx, i have falowed avery path way and every help posted here, but no luck. no responce from NL team too.

Espero se nos de una solución a esto, porqué pues somos clientes que ya pagamos por el programa y no funciona. :?

Bueno, como quiera todos compramos este programa por que creemos en Next Limit y sus esfuerzos en lograr el mejor programa del mundo.

La paciencia se convierte en virtud con los años.

Arq. Nicolas Rivera Flores.
By lluistar

I'm running it on a Dual G5 and also an iMac G5 both 10.3.5 and haven't had any problem. I can even click on any .mxs file and launch the app without the need of the terminal (I still need to use the terminal if I want to change the parameters)

Looks like you have run into one of the problems of an ALPHA stage developement. That fixing something on one side, breaks something else in another. And seems that the last ALPHA release has something broken that does not work with the G4 computers.

Check this post in the Bugs forum

By jep
The question is will it work on Tiger - OSX 10.4 - I'll bet the NL guys will have to re-compile for it but I could be wrong - April 29th Tiger hits the streets! very cool.
By Nicolas Rivera
:P :P :P :P :P :P happy news

Yesterday i wrote to technical support about this and they re-compiled the mxcl so it can work on G4 machines, now the problem is solved. Ask Miguel Talens of R&D for the file.

Happy rendering!!!!.

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