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By digitaluka
Hi We just got Maxwell. Not use to all the terminal stuff and file placement but I have finally got the focus.mxs file rendering in the background.
By Carlos Ferreira Pinto
Hello. Could you share your the process of installing it, and your toughts about maxwell, considering lw and mac. Thanks.
By digitaluka
Hi Carlos
It seems confusing at firt but once you get tha hang of it it sort of makes sense, anyway I just followed this post


and kept tying until I rendered something always ckeck your file and path names. Note Nicolas Riviera's post really helped me with the path name thing I literally copied it and pasted into textedit changed the HD names the copied and psted into the terminal and it worked.
By Nigel Baker
Hello Digital Luka

Check this thread out, I too am a LW Mac user.
Had problems especially with myself trying to come to terms and understanding things.
Also not fully realising that the mac version is still at an early stage so far.


This thread may help. It got me to where I need to render, and everyone was very helpful and responsive.

All the best.

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