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will the Cinema 4D plugin be for mac also?

Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2005 4:14 pm
by noseman
...will you release them simultaneously or first the PC and then the MAC?


Posted: Sun Apr 10, 2005 12:12 am
by victor
Both at once.

Posted: Mon Apr 11, 2005 10:42 am
by noseman
Thanx a lot Victor!!

Awaiting anxiously!

Posted: Mon Apr 11, 2005 5:51 pm
by djflod
OH YES!!!!!!


Posted: Mon Apr 11, 2005 7:55 pm
by leoA4D
You made my day, Victor. Right on, dude!

Posted: Tue Apr 19, 2005 8:29 am
by Kabe
Mark, I guess the best way to find this out is to test it. As the author said, it is adapted to sketchUp, which is a great tool btw. So there might be limitations.

I'm wondering if NL eventually plany to release the source code of the adapter plugins or maybe even ship with their "mothership applications", which would be a great way to spread the word.



Posted: Tue Apr 19, 2005 5:18 pm
by tok

did I miss something? Is 3ds2mxs also available for Mac?