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By mgroeteke
i finally found out why i couldn't run my mxcl in test mode: apparently this build has a problem when a local drive has a 'space' character in its name!! after renaming my drive to a name without space, everything runs smooth!

so please, nextlimit engineers, fix this problem please.... thanx

By jep
mgroeteke -
if you haven't already, please post this as a bug in the bug reports section so it gets the proper attention.

Thanks - Jep
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By mgroeteke
ben, thanks for your answer. in fact for writing the paths i used to drag the items into the terminal window - which ususally gives you 'unix-conform' paths with backslash characters!
but now i already changed my naming conventions for all my macs (volume names without spaces), so i would not like to get back and test the 'quotes' naming for obvious reasons :-)
i changed them even if i didn't have any problem with names containing 'space' until now, but you never know - probably, sometimes it is better to think in unix logics on a mac...


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