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Smoothing questions

Posted: Fri May 29, 2009 7:55 pm
by lghtstrm
This isn't really a SolidWorks question but I hear there are some similarities between SolidThinking and SolidWorks and since ST does not have a forum I thought I'd throw this out to you guys and see if you can help.

I'm creating models in SolidThinking and importing them as .3ds into Maxwell Studio. As you can see from the first image below even with tests with smoothing between 60 and 360 I was still getting faceting.


So I went back to the modeler and really cranked up the polymesh tolerance to .001. Modeler smoothing was set to 90.

Then I brought the models back in and it appeared to have cleaned up nicely, but upon close inspection you can see that it is still faceting in the highlight on the left.


Any thoughts or help would be welcome.

Feedback welcome.

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