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By b-kandor
Hi JD,

I upgraded to the 1.8.3 plugin yesterday (using sw premium 2009 sp3). The install went fine with no errors but the maxwell task pane is not working. It's like a vacuum in that it displays whatever graphical info was left over from the last selected task pane.

Any ideas?

By JDHill
Not specifically, it just sounds like a certain part of the plugin didn't get registered correctly with Windows. Can I assume that the Maxwell item in SW's menu is present and it is just the task pane which is acting funny? Probably what I'd do first is to uninstall, then reinstall, making sure that I used the 'setup.exe' file, that I was running with sufficient permissions, and that I was not installing from any sort of temp location. SW uses the registry to locate things on the machine, so if there is any issue writing to the registry, either part or none of the plugin will work.

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