By mark_melvin
Hi Guys,

It has been awhile since I have been into rendering - just getting back to it. There have been a few versions of Maxwell and the SW plugin since I was last doing this. Unfortunately I only have SW2007 SP2.2 and no subscription left with which to upgrade (I'll be dealing with that, but it is going to take some time - especially in this economy...). In the meantime, I have to get something rendered and I can't use the plugin as it requires SP3.1 at least. What is the best way for me to proceed? Is there a file format that is better than others when exporting from SW and opening directly in Studio?

Thanks in advace,
By JDHill
Hi Mark,

You'd probably want to use STL in ASCII and export using meters. For better meshes, you might think about picking up Moi ( ), which is really cheap, has a better mesher than SW, and can read & write a few different useful formats. There was some discussion about it in this thread: ... hp?t=31122

By mark_melvin
Thanks, JD. It took a couple tries (my STL model export was over 1GB! :shock: ), but it looks like it is pretty complete and usable in Studio so far. I'm just trying to prune out the cruft and non-visible geometry.

I don't know if it is new or if it has always been there and I just never saw it before, but "Isolate Selection" is a God-send...

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