By mtripoli
I'm messing around with the OBJ to SLDPRT from SYCODE
I used a free OBJ I pulled off the net. For the most part it seemed to work well. There were a TON of duplicate faces and solids. It took a little while to clean them up; it was more tedious than difficult. There may be a preferred method for preparing the mesh, maybe making sure that it's only one sided... For doing renders where you might want some "props" in the scene to fill it out, and not have to model them in SW I think its worth the money ($195.00 USD).

I went back and grabbed a couple of Lightwave objects, converterted them to OBJ and imported them. With a good mesh it converts very fast and has good quality. I don't have my Lightwave key so I couldn't smooth the objects before converting them but I think it gets the point across. It also doesn't have to be a closed mesh; the head is open on the bottom. This didn't run for very long either (hence the noise).

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