By mtripoli
I don't know if anyone else has seen this but I thought I'd make a note of it. If you have a Maxwell "texture" (material) assigned to a component and also have a "material", say aluminum assigned to the part sometimes it displays as black with letters and numbers all over it... kind of cool in a way but probably not what was intended...
By JDHill
I'm not sure what you're seeing there. Could you post a screenshot? How the plugin works, as regards showing things in the viewport, is basically the same as how you would do things yourself. What I mean is, when it is supposed to show a texture map in the viewport, it will just be doing the same thing as if you selected the entity and set the texture path yourself.
By mtripoli
:lol: :lol: :lol:
It's stranger than I originally thought!
Ok, here goes:
Part showing applied Maxwell material - "shiny black plastic" - note the "real material" circled in yellow; 6061 alloy
Now, with the goofy ASCII code all over it:
Now, the best one; when I just saved the part as a jpeg (not screen capture, the ASCII stuff doesn't show up!
It "seems" like - maybe; apply a "real" material, 6061 alloy (this by itself changes the way the part looks), then apply a Maxwell texture. It will look correct on the part. Open an assembly with the part in it. The ASCII stuff shows up. Open the part and confirm the ASCII stuff is there. Remove the Maxwell material - no change. Remove the "real" material; the part goes to a default color. Reapply Maxwell material; no problem.

As it *may* be, I may have applied a new Maxwell material over the "real" and previous Maxwell material. I don't remember exactly but that seems like a reasonable thing to do.

In an assembly:
By JDHill
That certainly is weird, but I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with any plugin materials. It looks similar to the small font-map that the plugin uses to draw text on the viewport in OpenGL - if you have a SW Camera and you enable the plugin's heads-up display, it uses this to draw the readout at the bottom of the viewport. I'm not sure how this could end up on one of your objects, but with the way textures are handled in OpenGL, it's possible that SW means to grab some other texture to draw with and it's getting this from the system instead. So, you could try messing around with your display card settings; look for stuff like shared texture buffers, etc...
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