By adman
Yet another Dell laptop bites the dust and it has been such a pain that I really don't want to buy another.
My current workflow is to write out MXS on my PC then render it up with a loaded MAC PRO 8-core 10Gb RAM.
SW is the only software I use that till now could only be run on a PC.

Does anyone know about running SW on a MAC via Boot-camp and XP?

If I want to take advantage of the 10Gig, do I have to run Vista and the 64-bit SW?

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By yolk
i run swx 2009 on a mac 8core through bootcamp on vista runs smoothly now that sp 1.0 is out. i also run it under xp on a macbook (white plastic)

i'd definitely go the vista 64 route..lots of ram helps..xp 64 is being phased out.
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By yolk
oh and of course maxwell runs great on the mac it
By adman
Thanks Yolk

This is reassuring, many have nothing good to say about Vista, particularly 64-bit.
Also, 64-bit SW regarded as a bit rocky; by the sound of it, not your experience.
I assume Vista 32-bit OS has the same RAM limitations as XP32?

Do you have any problems with the graphics card in the MAC-PRO and SW?

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By yolk
i just changed to swx2009 and only the first service pack is it's not bug free but pretty stable. i have a crappy card (the standard card that comes with a mac 8core) but on my 1000+ assemblies it runs faster than my the quadrofx3450 on my previous workstation..i have no realview though..but i hated realview anyway and swx2009 now comes with photoview 360..a very fast renderengine for quick first impression renderings
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