By eddiepom

At my work we have just installed Solid W as a server licence (Used to have it local) and now i cant seme to get the plugin into solid.
Maby i have just missed something but i cant get it to show.
When i open Tools - Add-ins its there and marked. But i cant find it some where els..
Plese help me here, im lost!

By purCAB
Eddie --

I would first take a look at the SW log file. It will be located in your Application Data directory (probably C:\Documents and Settings\{Your Id}\Application Data\SolidWorks) under the name SolidWorksPerformance.log. Scroll to the bottom of the file and you should see some reference to Maxwell. I would suggest that you first unload the addin and the load the addin prior to looking at the log. There should be an UNLOAD_ADDIN message immediately followed by a LOAD_ADDIN message.

Another item to look at is after you've loaded the Maxwell addin, you should see a file type of Maxwell MXS (*.mxs) in the list of file types for Save As. Additionally, I assume that you can run Maxwell manually from outside of SolidWorks.

Hope that this is of some help in starting to narrow down the problem,

By eddiepom
this is what i got:

<LANGUAGE> english,english,1053
<CMDLINE> 0,0,0,0,0,0,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,-1,0,0,0,0
<AD2> "LOAD_ADDIN" "drawcompare" "DrawCompare" [0.14] "1" "1"
<AD2> "LOAD_ADDIN" "sldfuncfeat" "sldFuncFeat" [0.67] "1" "0"
<AD2> "LOAD_ADDIN" "RhinoSWATLCOMu" "Import Rhino files into SolidWorks" [0.20] "1" "0"
<AD2> "LOAD_ADDIN" "ToolWorks" "ToolWorks 7.00.0014" [3.00] "7" "0"
<CD>=4 57600 0
<DOC_OPEN> ".prtdot" 0, 1, 0, 1, 3
<CD>=4 34124 0
<CD>=4 57600 0
<DOC_OPEN> ".asmdot" 0, 1, 0, 1, 3
<CD>=4 43667 0
<CD>=4 33311 0
<AD2> "LOAD_ADDIN" "EnhancedGet" "Maxwell For SolidWorks" [0.01] "7" "0"
<CD>=4 33311 0
<CD>=4 33311 0
<AD2> "LOAD_ADDIN" "EnhancedGet" "Maxwell For SolidWorks" [0.00] "7" "0"

Dont know if u need more of the code..
I cant se the file type eather.
The maxwell studio/ and render works fine.
By JDHill
So, there is no Maxwell item in the SW main menu, and no Maxwell toolbar available when you right-click on an empty toolbar area? Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling the plugin, after making these changes to your SW installation? The SW installer may have overwritten some necessary information about the plugin's location, and the plugin's installer may be able to fix them back up.
By eddiepom
And there were the problem... It's sorted :) yey!
I unistalled it snd re installed it and it poped upp in SW!

Thank you all for the fast help and for allways fix the problem!
You are GREAT!

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