I´ve seen that - thanks.

I have tried to get the script run by deleting the part:

'ScriptObject is connected?
If Not maxwell.IsConnected Then
MsgBox "There is no current Maxwell Scene.", vbOKOnly, dialogTitle
Exit Sub
End If

- and now it works
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By w i l l
John Layne wrote:Looking forward to the motion integration, that will be the day that I upgrade from swx 2008 to 2009
Yeah same here, that will actually change a lot of things for me. I'll probably buy a few new render machines as well.
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By w i l l
So how come the situation has changed and you can now make it work? Did Solidworks allow you to access some kind of code that you couldn't before or did something change within the Solidworks software? Really looking forward to this.

JDHill wrote:I believe that I'll be able to make that work, it's just that along with integrating the texture-mapping feature of SW2009, this involves replacing almost all of the plugin's code and dropping support for earlier SW versions. I expected this to happen prior to yesterday's new release, but it was not yet possible, so I decided to release as-is and allow SW2007+ users to also get the benefit of the improvements that the new version provides. So it's going to take more time, and I don't have a definite ETA.
By JDHill
The main difference is that prior to SW2009 (SW2008, in the limited case of having RealView available and enabled), custom mapping was only implemented inside PhotoWorks. The description (i.e. type, size, rotation, but not actual UV coords) of a mapping is now available via the newer SolidWorks 'Appearance' material type, and this is why it is incompatible with the current plugin's SW2007-based approach.
By JDHill
Sorry, I misunderstood. Pretty much the same deal though - event notification that something is happening in the model was only made available to plugins in very recent API versions.
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By w i l l
oooooooo k good!

If you happen to have any 'test' plugins lying about that you want to email over then let me know. I'd be happy to help out with/test the texture mapping/animation etc etc before the next release!
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