By koots
Is there any working plugin for Blender at all, officially supported from NL?

I saw some on blenderartist, but all of these are without proper support, half done....
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By Asmithey
I am fully backing Blendmaxwell. See post in the wish list forum....
By burnin
def4d wrote:
def4d wrote:What's the official reason?
Is it a taboo?

Why isn't Blender plugin officially supported by Nextlimit?
I do not judge, neither persuade by stating or assuming what makes one blind to a long term solution/vision/profit. Here's just a personal contemplation, excursion on logic...

Intelligent exploitation of free and open sources do obviously make a great deal to the private sector, along it's community, with such tools (OSL, USD, abc, ovdb, osubd, OCIO, exr, png...) but as the scholarly articles goes, without any security or warranty. Fear.
As such, a human, in many cases behaves and shows only as an animal nowadays. It's collective mind is in infant stage.
Minority of those who can lead, teach and do posses a force of vision, are irrelevant still and usually put on hold. Wait few years more. Maybe a decade and someone will look up to see reality, an age old soothing, hot spring of water:"For higher margins one has to invest & risk more", but again since habit in this case is second nature, the leader has fallen asleep on it's throne, too late.

Few (more obvious) that are already riding & enjoying the wave are:
VRay, Octane, Pixar, Thea, Indigo...

For now you can use and help as mentioned above blendmaxwell or run the long path via Studio.
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By seghier
nexlimit know that many users use blender and in the last realflow webinar they mentioned blender as one softwares supported by realflow but this is not true
someone created a plugin and he share it in twitter with nextlimit than he stopped the developement
i think all companies except pixar don't give importance to blender and to develop plugin for a free software ; maybe they think who use blender he can't buy their render engines
also lightwave have low priority and bad plugin
nildar developed nice plugin and maxwell team tried many times contact him ; i don't know what happened but now we don't see any interest from maxwell team and nildar disappeared
i hope he share his plugin source code or nextlimt buy the rights of developement ; because a developer can't work for free and he need incentives
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