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By Gis
Hi all,

Thanks again for participating in the competition. We are now in the final stage so I encourage you to upload your renders soon.
Sunday September 22nd at 11:59 CET (Central European Time, Madrid time) we will be closing the upload area. Make sure you submit your image through the competition site.

Competition site

Then will start the public voting for "The popular vote prize".It will be decided by public as follows: All of the finalists (as selected by us) will be
shown on the website, and visitors will be encouraged to vote for their favorites. To do so you have to
simply click on the like Button below the image as we have enabled this functionality for the competition
on our website. Please bear in mind that each person will be able to vote one time.

Best luck for you all,
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By novena
Hi there
I have the same question as Seghier, for me 11:59pm (as it stands in the terms and conditions of the competition) equals to 23:59 hrs.
the previous competition dead line was set to 11:59pm, but then the upload was closed at 11:59am...
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By novena
hi guys,
seems to be an error with the dead-line, in the competition's webpage stands to be the 22nd at 11:59pm as final date, but the submission has been closed the 21st at 11:59pm...
could someone from the staff clarify this issue???
better I go to sleep a while :?
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By Elle83
I really can't understand too. It was stated september 22 everywhere... and we were wondering about the exact time, and, to be precise, there are two more things I find strange about this: right now CET +1 is supposed to be 7:34, but because we are in daylight saving time -here in Italy too- the exact time is now 8:34 - I'vechecked on internet and several auto-tuning clock in my home- but the forum is stating 8:43 :? )... I didn't get to submit anything... I hope it's a mistake or else all the work I've done is wasted :(
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By Elle83
So september 22 finally ended (here at CET+1 at least :P)
Let's wait later this morning for further explanations/solution for what must have been just a program mishap.
Goodnight everybody!
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