By abed-sabeh
Hello everyone!

I thought of participating in this competition after being away for so long in the maxwell forum. It's a bit late to enter, but I will try my best....I hope so :) I'll keep my fingers crossed.

By abed-sabeh
Few tests, I am not happy with the look and feel. I might change a bit the placement and the scaling of the models, maybe the environment too to make it more dramatic.




A different composition with different bump intensity.

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By dariolanza
Hello abed,

Yes the mountain picture in the background is completely out of scale.

Find a better and less-confusing background and reinforce the sense of scale: so far it is hard to say if your monuments are real scale frozen architectures or small ice statuettes.


Dario Lanza
By abed-sabeh
Thanks Dario, I was planning to put them all in an opened freezer, also ice sculptured. So you only see the inside of it with the minuscule ice monument sculptures inside it. (it didn't work as I expected and there is no time to make a big change, so I fixed the scale and I changed the composition. I will set it to render for tomorrow and I am done!. This is a quick snapshot.

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