By luistreb
Hey guys! :D
My name is Luis, I wanna present my idea.This is the first time I participate in a competition. I'll finish my scene in a few days, My idea is to place Michelangelo's David in a lockers room. Hope that works!
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By dariolanza
Hi luis,

Nice idea, plenty of possibilities.

You can share your sketches and work in progress here if you want us to give you some advises.

Good luck!

Dario Lanza
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By dariolanza
Hello Luis,

The idea and the location is nice, but I find that the material in the David sculpture is a bit poor.
In that material you have a nice chance to play with regular marble texture, or test with a very different and "out-of-place" material (ie marble burnt by the sun tan, human flesh, water... I don't know).

I would suggest you to explore also in that area, to see what do you finally get.

Dario Lanza
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