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By novena
This Lunar Lansdscape, as Richard Neutra called the desert landscape, when he was hired by Edgar Kaufmann to design a vacation house in Palm Springs, his brilliant project: Desert Kaufmann House.
Ten years before, the same Kaufmann comissioned Frank Lloyd Wright to design the famous Fallingwater House, but a decade after, visited Taliesin West in Arizona, he was not impressed and he went to Neutra.

What would happen if Kaufmann had hired Wright to design his house in the desert???


*my final entry resized to 1600x800
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By Elle83
Amazing! I really loved your work and the explanation behind it. I find it very brilliant.
One of the thing that impressed me the most is the terrain construction... don't know how you did it but it's amazing (was it made with sketchup only or did you use some other program?)
Hi Victor,

Just stumbled upon your tutorial on your blog HDZ 3d blog where you refer to the "Compo Spray" plugin.

I have installed said plugin and all appears to install correctly except that I do not get the dialogue box to actually use it.
A tad frustrating.

I was beginning to think it was not compatible with SU 2013 but as your tutorial is dated Sept 2013 I presume you were using SU 2013 for the tutorial. Are you using "Compo Spray" with SU 2013?

If so it must be something with my set up/install.

Look forward to your comment as and when you get the chance.

Many thanks in advance Victor and good luck with the voting.
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By novena
Hi AstroMan!
sorry I remember you asked the same question during the competition but my head was so saturated that I forgot to answer you... I use SU 8, so dont know exactly about using compo spray with SU 2013...
can you see the compo spray toolbar?? you can find it in the 'view' menu, under toolbars it is called 'components spray', or do you actually see the toolbar but it does not launch the dialog box??
other option to scatter mxs references is using 'make fur' plugin for SU, it has an option called 'make crowd' which allows to scatter the selected components over a selected geometry...
let me know if you can fix it...
good luck with the competition
Hi Victor,

I wasn't chasing for an answer so please don't worry about any "delay" in getting back to me.

I am using SU Pro 2013 and I wonder if that is the "problem"? I understand there was a bug with the first release of 2013 which meant toolbars of some plugins got hidden. But I had updated which supposedly fixed this.

The tool bar and the option in the drop down menu are all there and the files are in the right places but the actual dialogue box just fails to appear. Which is odd.

Will have another look when have a few moments tomorrow...quite possible I have missed something amongst the chaos of the last week.

I have the "make fur" plug in and used it for the first time for the grass. 3D grass using proxies saves a HUGE amount of resources. =) A trick for future Arch Viz projects.

As to the competition...I personally think I have blown it. I tried something different rather than just do arch viz and didn't really pull it together. However learned an enormous amout about using Maxwell with SketchUp.

Thanks also to you for the Plugin References. I am keen to get "Compo Spray" to work as the level of control of object placement within the environment is a great plugin to have....especially if using proxies.

Anyway will let you know if I get CS to finally work and will try out "make crowd" in the meantime.
Good luck with the competition and heres to the next one.

Thanks, Victor.
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By novena
hi Astroman,
well if toolbar is in its place but fails to open, then probably some file in the installation is missing (which is easy to happen during the chaos of the competition), try to install again the plugin... 'make fur' Works great, but when it is about having control where exactly drop a component compo spray is great...
are you using proxies or mxs references??? I would suggest you to use mxs
Hi Victor,

I was using proxies as I thought the Sketchup Standalone plugin could only import MXS files and not create them???
However when I was looking into this the deadline was catching up *fast* so I stuck with proxies as I knew how they worked and more impotantly they did work :).

Can you create MXS files with just the Standalone version and Sketchup?

If you know of a tutorial for mxs files with the Standalone then by all means just give the link. Please don't take up your precious time explaining if it has already been done so.
I have read the manual btw.

Still trying to find the "5 minutes" to take a fresh look at "compo spray".

Thanks Victor.
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