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By seghier
hello; i hope my idea respect the rules :)
i will build Tour Eiffel with Matchsticks in small studio of artist with some tools
and the idea will developped or changed !
the two models :

By : Pranav Panchal
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By Gis
Hi seghier,

There are no limitations with regards to the ideas presented. Where you need to be careful is in the ejecution of the idea.
As soon as you have something to share, feel free to post it in your own thread to get some advice.
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By dariolanza
Hello seghier,

The competition rules indicate that you have to setup the scene (environment, materials, camera, lighting) and launch the render using Maxwell_for_SketchUp.

This is the main requirement.

I hope this answers your question.

Dario Lanza
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By seghier
i search and find alot of information about pisa and eiffel towers with drawings . and i find nice models in grabcad website.
i will make the two towers in one .
my second idea is to cut floors of pisa and distribute them
my third idea is to build a cube of glass with pisa form inside it
but i will choose one idea :)
hardware question :)

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