Hi all,

Maxwell Render proudly presents this year's Maxwell for SketchUp competition! Following the great success of last year's challenge aimed at professionals, students, expert users and new users alike, we've decided to repeat the event!

Why not have some fun creating in your favorite program and win some amazing prizes to boot? It's amazing what can be cooked-up with the simple yet powerful SketchUp - Maxwell Render combination. We challenge you to blow us away!

Competition Site
Hi Seghier,
Welcome, that is first of all. We will be givng advice in English, and everytime you need, if someone writes in Spanish, please let me know. I'll be happy to translate the text for you.
We try to do things better every time and we are taking into account past situations, however, participants need to make sure they fulfill the delivery company requirements. Those are, having a telephone number to be contacted for the delivery and giving a proper address. Having this there should not be a problem.

I wish the best luck in this competition as well :)
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