End date: May 13
By c b curtis
The Futurum diner was designed by Richard Rogers Architects for the 1992 summer Olympic games in Spain. The idea was to build a number of these to be dropped into city sites around the country whilst the Olympics was happening. The project remained unbuilt, so it was interesting to use this design for the competition and to drop it into the Valencia backdrop, replacing the existing ground plane with an idea of a park of the future . The eye level of the camera at 600mm was difficult to get to work as a composition, so we chose to scale the site and the elements we placed into the scene so that the camera level was presumed to be at 2m, this worked as the Calatrava building backdrop does not have any element that allows you to discern its scale, so sizing it up by three times worked and gave a better composition. These images show how the project developed.

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