End date: May 13

Spanish HDRI render competition deadline

Monday, April 29th (current deadline)
Monday, May 6th
Monday, May 13th
We've received numerous requests from late-comers to extend the Spanish HDRI render competition deadline. We didn't want to make the decision for those of you who are diligently working on your great renders soooo, you decide!

Check back on Friday, April 26th at 12:00 CET to see the results of the poll and the chosen deadline!
Alright everyone - voting is now closed! With 68% of the votes, THE NEW DEADLINE IS MONDAY, MAY 13TH AT 11:59 CET (CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME). We wanted to be democratic about this decision so thanks for your participation in this poll :)

Enjoy the weekend without stress! ;) The renders are looking great, really creative stuff. Keep up the fantastic work!
Good morning:

I have a problem with my Maxwell License, as it got cancelled last night. Yesterday I had just started rendering and it suddenly stopped rendering by midnight.

I had seen the anouncements advising about the cancellation of the license by the end of the 10th of May, but I tought that it would´tlet mw keep using the applications, but it would let me use the Render, as the contest ends on the 13th of May.

Please, could you extend the license for few more days as I have finished my project but it is not renderized yet.

Thank you in advance.

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