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By Ernesto

Just in case I am working in Maya 2012.
I could create a simple material, for the ground plane, which would project towards the camera.
Now I am trying to repeate the procedure with a material with bump and reflections, but Maxwell stops the rendering with a warning that there are not enough UVs for the material.
I created lots of UVs but it keeps saying the same thing.
Any hint?

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By dariolanza
Hello Ernesto,

This is because the material you are applying has one or more textures assigned to a UV channel that your object doesn't have.

As you know, you can create several UV projections on any object, to apply textures in different manners at the same time. They are stored as Channel 0, 1, 2, 3...
You can have a material where certain texture is applied regarding mapping 0, other texture regarding mapping 1, etc.

It seems that the material you are trying to apply has textures assigned to channel 1 or 2, while your object has only channel 0 (the default on).

This is already answered in this page from our online Documentation resource (question #5):

http://support.nextlimit.com/display/kn ... r+messages


Dario Lanza
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By Ernesto
Thank you VERY MUCH Dario!

I will try this: In this case, as I want to have a single PERSPECTIVE PROJECTION (for the ground plane) it would be enough with just one UV. Then I will have to make sure all the textures in the material, uses the same UV. I will find out!

Minutes Later:
1) I made sure that the Material uses only Channel 0
2) I couldn t find where to see if the object has an UV in channel 0 or not....
I tried to render but it seems that the UV in the plane do not matches the material...
ERROR: - UVW channels ( 11 ) on object "pPlane1" not enough for material "Fondo_003"
ERROR: - Data preprocess failed. Render cannot continue
[16/April/2013 16:00:55] Ending render process..

Then I tried to create a NEW ground plane, just in case, and created a new UV set for the camera, but the Error message now says that the plane has 5 UVs.... I really do not understand if the UV channels are a property of Maya or Maxwell...
In any case I am having problems finding the UV channels in the object properties.

If I use a material with a single map in UV channel 0, it would work ok. This means that the plane has an UV in channel 0, although I do not know how to check it yet. Then if I use a multiple maps material, where all the UV channels of the maps are Channel 0, it gives me the ERROR. (this is not logic, as far as i see it)

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By Mihai
Ernesto wrote:Then if I use a multiple maps material, where all the UV channels of the maps are Channel 0, it gives me the ERROR. (this is not logic, as far as i see it)
This can't happen and it means the maps in that MXM are not actually using channel 0. Open it in Maxwell Studio and double check.
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By Ernesto
Yes, you are right Mihai
If i open the mxs file in studio, it says that the material is using 5 diferent channels from 1 to 5, but in maya 2012, all the maps are in channel 0 (zero)
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By Ernesto

I insist, just in case someone know the answer:
I have checked that the material assigned to the ground plane has all the UV channels set to 0 (zero) in maya 2012.
as soon as the scene is exported to mxs, all the channels change to diferent numbers, one per each image map. In this case they are 5 images maps.
Just in case I added 5 uv channels to the ground plane, but it did not worked neither.

If i do this with a simple material, (using only one image map) it works OK
But I find the problem when more maps are embeded in the material.

I want to use a Maxwell material with reflectivity, bump and colour maps in the ground plane.

i wonder if what i am trying to do is possible or not....

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By Mihai
When things go wrong or happen unexpectedly, first rule is, simplify. Have you tried yet to test this in a brand new scene, brand new material, one UV set - apply your different maps and see if they will export using UV channel 0 or if new ones will be created.
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By Ernesto
Well... I would need some help.
Everything works OK with the first map, but as soon as I add the second map it seems to create a new UV when exporting the scene to maxwell. I made sure the second map uv channel is in 0 (zero)
I wonder if the Perspective planar projection uses the same UV settings, or perhaps I should look somewhere else.
I wonder if there is a tutorial to do this in Maxwell.... I can do it in Maya, using more than 1 map, and it works ok.

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By Mihai
Why not ask this in the Maya forum? I'm not at all familiar with Maya, and also it would seem strange indeed if any material with more than one texture behaved like this. It would mean the plugin is completely broken. As you can see from the Maya forum activity such a bug would have been quickly discovered, so, taking these things into account, have you tried a brand new scene as suggested? Post your Maya scene on the forum and others can help etc...

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