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By rodrigonotor
From maxwell documents:

These are the basic functions to navigate in the graphical viewports (Mac OSX users should switch the Ctrl key for the Command key):
* The terms in blue are cinematographic equivalents.

ALT + LMB = Rotate camera around the target origin (Orbit / Fly Around Camera)
ALT + MMB = Pan View (Truck / Boom Camera)
ALT + RMB = Zoom View In/Out (Dolly Camera)
ALT + CTRL + LMB = “Slow-mode” – slowly rotate camera around the target origin.The up/down arrows on keyboard can be used to change how slowly the camera should move in this mode. You can repeatedly press the up/down arrows to adjust, then use ALT + CTRL + LMB.
ALT + CTRL + MMB = “Slow-mode” – slowly pan camera.
ALT + CTRL + RMB = “Slow-mode” – slowly zoom camera in/out.
ALT + SHIFT + LMB = Rotate camera target around the camera origin. (Pan / Tilt Camera)
ALT + SHIFT + RMB = Displace camera origin along the look-at direction. This also moves the camera’s focal point (camera target), along with the camera.
ALT + SHIFT + MMB = Roll camera. (Dutch Camera)

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By valdesfernando
Hi, I did these two images, my inspiration is about the Spanish wine, but I have a dilemma, in the first, you can see the background clearly, but in the other image , I like the idea of winery but the background is lost..
what is your oppinion?

[url=http://www.flickr.com/photos/20443 ... .jpg[/img]
test_07 by valdes_fernando, on Flickr[/url]

[url=http://www.flickr.com/photos/20443 ... .jpg[/img]
test_08 by valdes_fernando, on Flickr[/url]
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By dariolanza
Hello valdesfernando,

Yes, the ceiling occludes the background in the second render, but the most important problem I see is that the ceiling style is disconnected to the background architecture.

I you want to preserve the ceiling, try to create a new one inspired in the Calatrava's structure of the building behind, making your winery a part of the Ciudad de las Artes place.

And take care of the shadows of the family group (father-mother-daughter) which has no contact.

The metals are very cool.


Dario Lanza
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By dariolanza
Another suggestion:

In order to mix more closely your structure with the existing architecture, I would replace your bricks (which is a construction element Calatrava never uses) by the white tiles he uses in Ciudad de las Artes (inspired in Gaudi).


Dario Lanza
By valdesfernando
Hello Dario.

Thank you very much for your comments.
I made the change in the structure with something more like Calatrava style and change the bricks by old bricks, I will try with white bricks to see how it looks.
i dont know if i will eliminated the walls and leave it open can be a good idea, i really like how it looks, but the environment is a little lost.
with respect to the shadows of people,i will work them in post-production.
i am sending an image to see you think.
Best regards
[url=http://www.flickr.com/photos/20443 ... .jpg[/img]
test_09 by valdes_fernando, on Flickr[/url]
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By novena
dariolanza wrote:Another suggestion:

I would replace your bricks (which is a construction element Calatrava never uses) by the white tiles he uses in Ciudad de las Artes (inspired in Gaudi).


Dario Lanza
Hi Fernando, when Dario suggestes to use white tiles, I think he means to use pieces of broken tiles instead of brick, that technique is called 'trencadis' (from catalan verb trencar = break), this technique is present in most of Gaudi's work
By valdesfernando
i did it, but it doesnt look good.
i am making a new structure just with white concrete and glass, more clean, so lets to see how it looks, maybe i will eliminated all pipes

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