End date: May 13
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By dariolanza
Hello Rodrigonotor,

Try checking the spiral rube object as Hidden from Global Illumination (and or Hidden from Reflections/Refractions, try both options) in that object's Parameters panel.

This is a cool trick when you need one emitter enclosed inside a glass body, like you have here.

Show us the results.


Dario Lanza
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By seghier
hi Rodrigonotor
i tred a scene using this hdri image and i calculate the focal lenght of the camera
with sketchup i find 45 mm but this give false result and false dimensions; the buildings in the photo can't give the best result ; we need a plan (dwg for examlpe ) ; i use for that an image from google earth; and the best result is 35 mm
if you see image property the lenght focal is : 35 mm
you can verify your camera; create a cube from clear tile in the photo and see if it have the same dimensions
good luck

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