By pfschuyler
It would be great if Maxwell's Revit plugins could support Revit's 2d and orthographic views, and boolean rendering...since Maxwell 3.0 can now do this. In terms of quantity, we produce 5 to 1 realistically shaded elevations, plans, sections, and axos (plus axo and perspective cutaways), vs. rendered perspectives. Architectural offices would love this functionality and frankly it would give Maxwell a giant leg up over Revit's native Mental Ray system which doesn't render the 2d views currently.
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By joaomourao
In ArchiCAD we can do that with v3 but not as desired... Haven't tried in Revit but maybe it is the same way:
With elevations, sections and every 2d viewpoints, Maxwell cannot interpret and render it directly. It would be very simple and efficient if it did! But for BIM softwares, 2d info is totally separated from 3d even if most of it's data is generated from the 3d. In Archicad we have a 3d window for perspective and a 3d window for axonometric views. So the solution in AC is to open the axonometric view the way you want it (elevation, section, plan...) and render it! Supported but not automatic yet :(

So I will ask NL team if is it viable to auto render plans, sections, elevations from Revit/ArchiCAD automatically?
I will post this on ArchiCAD plugin support also... ;)
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