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By Mihnea Balta
Version 2.7.13
  • added a checkbox to adjust UVs based on the display unit type of the project
  • added a button that lets you add a grass parameter on an object without having to pick it in the Revit interface
  • added a progress bar for the export process
  • fixed: crash when exporting some stair types
  • fixed: error exporting MXS files if the image path was not set
  • fixed: crash when trying to send job to network without the image path assigned
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 2.7.16
  • added an about dialog to make it easier to determine the version of the plug-in
  • only the width or height of the output image can be specified directly; the other one is computed automatically to match the aspect of the view
  • point light sources are no longer hidden from camera
  • faster export in scenes with many lights
  • fixed: wrong position for the emitter meshes generated by the plug-in
  • fixed: incorrect export of split faces
  • fixed: scenes with grass created by an older version of the plug-in would crash in newer versions
  • fixed: an MXI file was still written even if the MXI output checkbox was turned off
  • fixed: incorrect export for some objects with multiple materials
  • fixed: emitter material generated for exported lights was black when encased in glass
  • fixed: incorrect placement for some light sources
  • fixed: the plastic, wood and wallpaint materials were exported incorrectly
  • fixed: wrong camera framing for rendered views
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 2.7.19
  • added support for Revit 2014
  • textures assigned to native Revit materials are recognized in 2014, including the placement options such as tiling, rotation etc.
  • added object render flags (hide to camera, hide to GI etc.)
  • when the currently selected view is unavailable, the plug-in renders the first camera view it finds
  • added support for exporting and overriding materials found in linked files
  • fixed: the sun direction didn't match between Maxwell and mental ray in some cases
  • fixed: possible corruption of the scene information when changing Maxwell render settings
  • fixed: crash when trying to render several different documents successively
  • fixed: crash when editing Maxwell settings or objects after the document from which they originated was closed
  • fixed: the export could fail if certain paths had Unicode characters in them
  • fixed: crash when reading back emitter temperature from multilight when the target light didn't have a temperature parameter
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 2.7.20
  • fixed: hang when the project contained multiple objects that have only numeric characters in their name
  • fixed: crash when translating materials with procedural textures assigned
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 2.7.26
  • more descriptive error message when the plugin can't find files
  • fixed: the material dialog crashed when there was no renderable view
  • fixed: crash when exporting some materials from linked documents
  • fixed: wrong orientation for spotlights in Revit 2014
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