I'm having trouble exporting to Maxwell successfully (from SU 2016.1.1451). What works perfectly in FIRE comes out completely black or missing geometry in Maxwell. I've deleted the textures folder and Ive set the exporter to auto name if necessary. This has been happening for a few versions of Maxwell. Right now I'm on v, running on OS X 10.11.5. Right now when exporting to Maxwell the render is completely black, with a benchmark of over 1200. Normally it's in the 500- 700 range. I've tweaked the multi lights but it's still dark.

Thanks for any insight anyone can give.
The first question would be: how are you doing the export -- by clicking the plugin's Render or Export to Studio buttons, or by using File > Export > 3D Model? The latter is not intended to be used directly, as it gives the plugin no chance to synchronize various things, such as materials & cameras. The former synchronize those things, before then calling the same Export > 3D function via SketchUp's Ruby API.
Beyond that possibility, I don't think I'll be able to guess a reason, from the given information. So please make sure you are using the current versions of Maxwell Render and the Maxwell for SketchUp plugin, and then send me a .skp (the simpler the better) I can use to reproduce the behavior here.
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