By Jodie Jo Jodidio
Hi there

I've installed the updated Render suite V3 and was hoping that my previous MXS issue was resolved... seems I am still having issues and I cant work out what's going on.

When I import an MXS ref into Sketchup, the first instance of the MXS renders fine, but any additional copy of the same MXS (either direct copy, or re-insertion of MXS by linking to file), wont export to Render - often it will appear in the FIre window, but when I go for a full render it is missing.

I have made sure that instances are disabled when I export original geometry to MXS, which I think was an issue before.

It cant be just me having these problems! Has anyone else come across this before?

By JDHill
There was a bug with MXS References in the initial build, which is fixed in the build. Note that the plugin is separate, and will be updated separately (in other words, updating Maxwell Suite won't change the behavior of FIRE in the plugin).
By Jodie Jo Jodidio
Thanks - I thought I had the latest version installed but seems it hadn't worked properly, I have it working as it should now at last! Such a relief :)
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