Hey everybody

I've been having a problem rendering from Viewport mode. When I send to render in either Fire or Studio, I get a completely different view to what's in my Sketchup viewport. At first I thought I was misunderstanding something but I can't see what that could be, sometimes it works and sometimes I get a completely skewed angle although I haven't changed a single thing.

Can anyone help me as I have been spending weeks getting frustrated with this and it's really affecting my being able to use Maxwell at all.

This happened with a previous version of Maxwell I had and with different models too, so could it be something to do with how my Sketchup is working with Maxwell? (I'd rather not uninstall/ reinstall if possible as I had a lot of difficulty getting Sketchup in place anyway)

I've tried to pin down what could be causing this change, as like I said it happens at times but not at others. But I just can't see what is the cause, not field of view, no settings changed, no layers or scenes changed. All seems very odd to me. I've watched all export settings tutes over and over.... and I'm pretty convinced I'm not doing anything stupid...

Would *really* appreciate your help finding the solution. I wanted to add a screen shot here but can't see where to attach... can anyone enlighten me? :)


I'm using Sketchup Pro 8, Maxwell Learning Edition V3. Mac OSX v.10.7.5 2.2GHz Intel Core i7
I'm not aware of such a problem, and so have some difficulty imagining what you mean by skewed. Could you please let me know which version of the plugin you are using (Plugins > Maxwell > About), and post a screenshot showing how the result looks? It would also be good if you could upload a SKP file that manifests the issue, so I can try to reproduce it here.
Hey JDHill

Thanks for your fast reply.

What I mean by 'skewed' angle is that the render is at a completely different angle and direction to the one inside the Sketchup viewport.

Under Plugin info it says this...
License: Maxwell Render Suite (Unknown)
Version: 3.0.11, Sat 05/03/2014 23:51:45.76
Library: maxwell.rb, Skp2Mxs.plugin

Can you please tell me how to upload a file or screen shot here, I can't see where to do this...

Could it be due to using a 2-Point Perspective camera? That is not supported, due to SketchUp Ruby not exposing the necessary data for doing so to plugins. It could also be due to issues with Match Photo, in which case I'd like to see the SKP, since I've not yet been able to figure out the nature of the problem. To upload a screenshot, you would need to upload it to an image sharing site (such as https://imageshack.com) and link to the image using [img][/img] tags. To upload a SKP or other type of file, you can use dropbox or similar.
I have normal perspective not 2 point perspective so I dont think that is the issue. I'm not sure what Match Photo is so will go and research that now...

For now, here's a link to a screen shot: https://imageshack.com/i/iqI6fn8bp

LInk to Sketchup file... it's Scene 3 causing the issues, while the others are behaving (for now, although it took a long time to get them working)
https://www.dropbox.com/s/acsf4cr8a74mz ... t.zip?dl=0

Thanks for your help :)
Doubtful, but it's not possible to say. When you say Scene 3 is displaying this behavior, do you mean with the model as you actually uploaded it (meaning, you would observe it if you downloaded, unzipped, and rendered the uploaded file), or as it is/was when you made the screenshot, or both?

One thing to check would be that you are running the most recent maintenance release of SketchUp 8 (see here, and note that it may be necessary to reinstall the plugin after updating). Aside from that, there is always a remote possibility of there being wrong/corrupt files in the plugin installation, so it could not hurt to uninstall and then reinstall it (the installer has functions for both). I tend to doubt that would be the problem in this case, though.
Yes, even if I download and re render Scene 3 from that file, it's rendering a skewed angle from the one in the viewport.

I have tried un installing the Sketchup plugin and re installing - same problem persists.

'Hypothetically' - if I was using a cracked version of Sketchup 8, could that be the problem? Or is there any chance it could be anything else?

Have you ever come across a similar problem before?

Many thanks :)
It would depend mostly on which maintenance release was cracked; it's not impossible, but also not necessarily likely that cracking would produce a non-fatal and localized issue like this (that said, I don't officially running the plugin on a crack, since it introduces unknown variables into the equation). But there were 5 maintenance releases for SketchUp 8, and it could well be that you're running into some issue that was fixed in one of them.
Hey JD

Well - I've got myself an updated version, 14.0.4899 and so far so good (I'm afraid to jinx it by saying so!) but the file that I uploaded for you with the known issue, seems to render fine now. What a huge relief... Oh the hours and days I spend thinking I was doing something stupid! :lol:

Many thanks for your help! Fingers crossed it will be all rainbows for now!
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