By Ragtime
I apologize if this is not the correct forum but anyhow my question has to do with what would be the best practices for downloading textures and material when using SU with RM(suite). The version is very stable but the folders are confusing and I'm not quite certain where to change the preferred locations or if it would even be wise to do so. Currently when in SU and downloading a material it places it in the folder:
C:\Users\mlancy\AppData\Local\Temp\mxmgallery\mxmdownloads. I did not select this location directly so I assume the install placed it there on its own. It seems odd that it should default to a "temp" directory. I have looked but don't see where I can change this default location in SU. It also seems an unlikely location that MR would be able to find the material in such a location. Also should .jpg's be mixed with .mxm in the same directory. it clutters the material browser in both SU and MR. I cant help but feel there is a cleaner solution I am missing.
By JDHill
If you open MXED and go to File > Preferences, under Materials > MXM Gallery, you can set a custom download location using the Alternative folder box.
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