By jgardne01

I just purchased the maxwell v2 learner suite and registered it in the Maxwell App on my Mac. However, in sketchup my plugin will not recognize the serial that came with the email. Simply saying, "Serial Error!
The serial number specified is not valid. Please visit our support site." End quote.

Shouldn't I get access via the Maxwell suite to the full capabilities when using the plugin for sketchup in the Sketchup environment?

I appreciate any help on this topic.

By JDHill
For use with Maxwell Render Suite, whether Learning Edition or not, you should download (via your account) and install the Render Suite, not Standalone, version of Maxwell for SketchUp. The Render Suite plugin does not use the Standalone plugin licensing system, it retrieves its license from the Maxwell Render installation. So please try that and let me know if it sorts out the issue.
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