Hi, I have just build a new computer with windows 8.1 installed + SketchUp and Standalone Maxwell plugin. When rendering an image I cannot save the image, if I try the machine just completely freezes and maxwell is not responding. On my old system with windows 7 and SketchUp 2013 with the same plugin it works flawless. What could be the problem? Also rendering an image seems to take much longer time compared to an 4 year older system :roll:


MSI Z87 motherboard socket 1150
i5 4770k
Nvidia GTX 760
Samsung 840 EVO 256GB SSD
Are you the same person who just emailed me? If so, please follow the instructions I sent and let me know if they help. In short, Maxwell will use the resources you allocate to it (Maxwell FIRE > Settings > Threads), for as long as you allow it to render (Maxwell FIRE > Settings > Sampling Level).
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