I've something new :)
A friend send me a sketchup model of a stadium.
The stadium consistes of 5 main components, and this components have components in components in components, nothing special.
When I start the render, Fire hangs up with the voxelization by 40-45%.
Rendering of a main component only works perfectly.
I only have the problem with the whole model.

How can I fix this?

I just deleted all materials. Now fire can render the model (using override materials didn't work).

what happens during voxelization?
Thanks for uploading, but that material works fine here; if you bring it into a new model, does it also fail for you, or does it appear related to the specific model you were working with? Voxelization refers to an auxiliary representation of the model, which is used to narrow down the search for triangles when tracing paths, so a failure there would tend to indicate problems not with materials or textures, but with the model geometry itself. If you could please provide a SKP that causes such an error, it would be valuable to the core developers, for the purpose of making the engine more tolerant.
hardware question :)

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