By lbertaux
Running SU pro8 on my macbook pro, osx 10.7, 8gb ram.
Set up a simple rounded rectangle to test the 3.0.1 plugin and Fire crashes SU hard every time. Anyone else having issues with 3.0.1?
By JDHill
I am not aware of any issue like that, so if you could please provide a SKP (my email is jeremy at nextlimit dotcom), I would like to take a look.

In the meantime, you might also open Applications > Utilities > Console, select All Messages, clear the display, and then try reproducing the crash, to see if anything interesting is printed in the console. Whether SketchUp shows you a bugsplat or not, by expanding items in the console, you can usually find the text for what would have showed up in the Apple crash reporter.

Alternatively, you might also try uninstalling the plugin (manually check the SketchUp plugins directory to be sure the maxwell.rb file and maxwell folder have been removed), emptying the trash, rebooting, and then re-installing from a fresh download, to rule out the possibility of corrupted/missing/mismatched files.
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