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By novena
Hi guys,
I have been working with the standalone plugin for Sketchup for about one year, something I missed is the possibility to have a sky alpha channel, after some experiments I found my own technique to generate a sky alpha channel with this simple method (works fine with free and pay versions), which I would like to share with you guys, hope it is helpful:

first, hide any emitters or IES in your scene.

1- in Maxwell Scene Manager set environment type to sky dome
2- set sky dome color to custom
3- customize color to magenta


4- change then environment type to image based
5- turn OFF sun
6- in 'image based channels' set active sky to 'sky dome'
7- the background channel must be changed to 'active sky'
8- and disable the rest of channels: reflection, refraction and illumination
9- start rendering...


and this is how the image should look like, save the image

raw render with physical sky

render + sky backplate

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