By ElenaB.
Can someone explain me, why my maxwell render doesn't have all the functionalities as shown in tutorials and manual?

I have a Sketchup Pro 8, Maxwell for SketchUp (Standalone) License: Commercial Version: 2.7.22

In the toolbar I have:
Maxwell Fire, Browse for a MXM file, Browse for a MXM gallery, MXM status report, scene manager, material picker tool, Pick DOF (...), set focal distance, Maxwell Grass, Insert MXS Reference, Pluguin Manual, Maxwell Manual, About Maxwell

When I rightclick in the scene, in the menu Maxwell I only have "Render Selection"

And that's it..

Any ideas why it is like that?

Thank you in advance!

By JDHill
The items in the toolbar differ between the Standalone and Render Suite versions of the plugin -- items which appear in only one or the other are marked in the documentation using [SA] and [RS]. The items in the right-click menu depend upon what you are right-clicking. If there is only "Render Selection" this means you only have faces selected, and that the other items do not apply, as they would if you had a group or component selected.
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