I concur on the original post. I bought the standalone plugin as i thought i wouldn't need to purchase the whole suite as it was a standalone version to work in sketchup. While I understand that emitter planes are used in all versions of Maxwell to create light sources, there is no way of turning these light sources off in the view as far as i know without having the full render suite. So now ive bought both versions in order to finish my scenes to include the interiors.

I don't want to complain either, but it seems like an astronomical price to only be able to do daytime renders from the exterior.

Next time make this more obvious on your site what the full limitations are of one vs the other or just make the standalone version truly a standalone version. I dont mind using just fire for rendering as its very fast and almost real-time, but not having the ability to turn off my emitters to the camera has been a big thorn in my side.
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