By Kevron
Writing out RGBa from MXI goes pretty fast, but if your MXI contains custom alphas, and i.e you want to write only "book_alpha" to a .png sequence - you are in for a slow experience.
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By Brany
#376649 beta version uploaded. It must solve the memory overhead with custom alphas. Besides, custom alpha layers must be showed faster now.

I made another fix that might be related to the crash loading MXIs (I can't confirm this), please confirm whether the crash is still happening
By Kevron
Hi and thanks.

After some initial tests:

- still crashes on import
- Rendering 16 bit exr with ALL channels reduced from 7 hours to 50 minutes

So it is definitely faster when it comes to custom alphas. Thanks for that.

Not really sure why it still crashed on import.

Tor M
By calix
It's crashing for me too! Latest beta with Nuke 8 and 9 on Win. No extra channels only a beauty rendering. There's no way for me to use MXIs in Nuke, tried deinstalling everything and installing it again...cleaned the .nuke soon as I load a MXI Nuke is gone. :(

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By Brany
Hi Calix,

Can you send me a MXI that fails loading in nuke 8/9 (win)?

Did you tried uninstalling the plug-in and checking if nuke is still able to load (and crash) loading MXIs?
By calix
Hi Brany!

Yes will upload a mxi tonight for you. When I uninstall the plugin Nuke shows an error in the viewer. There's no mxi reader.


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By Brany
It seems that there is something wrong with the scattering when the mxiReader panel (mxi Options and Simulens tab) tries to update the MXI image showed.

I will upload an early build fixing this before weekend. These panel options will be disabled by default with a new checkbox.

If the MXI has no SimuLens scattering (and maybe diffraction) enabled, all should work fine. Can you confirm this? You can just disable scattering and "save MXI as..." using the same MXI you sent me from Maxwell Render, and then open the new MXI in Nuke.

Thanks for reporting!

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