By brodie_geers
I tweaked the action a bit. I'll share it here in case anyone's interested. There are two versions. They are identical to the original NL action except they change the layer blend mode to Linear Dodge (Add) for you (therefore, my understanding is that this won't work unless you're using PS extended). Other than that the difference between the two versions is that the first now prompts you to choose a name for the Group that the layers are placed into (ie. Light 1, Light 2, etc.). If you don't care for that though the second link names the groups for you with a default name (just as the original NL action does).

For both I've set the shortcut key to F2

1. You name the groups + Linear Dodge (Add)

2. PS names the groups for you + Linear Dodge (Add) ... ns%2B2.atn

What I'd really like is an action where you can select all of the light layers, run the action, and it would do that to each layer rather than selecting a layer, running the action, selecting the next layer, running the action, etc. So far as I can tell it doesn't seem to be possible, but I'd love to be proven wrong. It's a minor deal, but those are the sorts of things that keep nerds up at night :). My guess is that if there's an answer it may entail editing the Plug-in but I don't even know how to open it up to edit its juicy contents.

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By dariolanza
Hello brodie,

Thanks for the contribution ; )

We are glad to hear that everybody is enjoying the new plugin and action, and that there is already people developing new tools to make this new workflow more powerful and comfortable, and sharing with the rest of users.

Best regards

Dario Lanza

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