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By Ernesto
I am working in Win7 64 bits
I cannot move the limit between windows, so that I could see the image being rendered.

As you can see I have plenty of space in the uppper window, but lack of it in the DISPLAY window...

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By Ernesto
Yes I did, so now I have the DISPLAY window separated.
But each time I resized the other window the lower part got smaller and smaller, and now I cannot read the data!


Anybodyelse with the same limitation?

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By Nova66
Ernesto wrote:Anybody else with the same limitation?
Yes I had the same problem a while back. I think I solved it by turning off (or detaching) all of the windows and then bringing them back one at a time and adjusting their size as I go.

Had the same problem here in the past. Didn't even remember that annoyance till you mentioned it but it seems to have gone away sometime in the past couple updates for me. That doesn't help you but just chiming in that you weren't the only one with that issue.

Win 7 x64
16gb ram
Ati 7900 pro
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By tom
Ernesto wrote:Are the next limit people fixing bugs like these?
Sure, thanks for reporting it. Some fixes don't arrive quickly and it's just one of them. :)
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