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By frosty_ramen
i am unsure if i just missed something but it seems that render priority is a little different than previously. lets say i have 5 renders added in my monitor, once it completes the first one it skips to the 5th one and renders it. and i have not changed any priority settings. does anyone have an idea of what i am missing?

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By juan
Hi Dan,

do you mean that you add 5 jobs and once the first one finishes it renders the 5th, then the 4th, 3th, etc? It should not work like this, but we can't reproduce it here. What sort of jobs are you launching (cooperative , single, batch..)? What priority appears in the monitor for each job?


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By frosty_ramen
i am starting cooperative jobs and when they are in line they say priority 0, friday i added a last second job at the end of the day, and put it at the lowest priority 4 and it still was started after the first one?
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By frosty_ramen
Juan, any ideas?
here is an example
render id 0 highest priority
render id 1 & 2 lowest priority
render id 3 high priority
render id 4 normal priority

when render id 0 finished it skipped a high priority to go to the bottom of the list?
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