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By dk2079
Hi Marton

I am starting to check out modo in conjunction with maxwell.

one thing I noticed, when I render a standard directional light in modo 10.2v1 and maxwell I get a multilight slider in maxwell render that shows this value:

1449898550164440,0 Cd

and it is not possible to move those sliders! I think because that value is actually out of range. changing the range won't help because i can not raise it any further.

I think though that only the candela units are the problem.
Maybe the light is converted in a sub-optimal way?

is there a way I can change the conversion from candela to Watt or such?

By Marton Day8
Hello Daniel,

Yes, the exported directional light uses extreme high emission values.... It is a bit insane maybe for the engine (it can't handle it in multilight mode well), but I have kept it because it seems to work ok otherwise.

In case you need it for sun, please switch the directionalLight item to sun - Maxwell is more prepared for this.

But in case you really need this light as it is, you can try one thing. With this light the plugin "simulates" the sun, which means it places a super bright plane object very far from the scene center. It is really really far from the center, that is why it needs so high emission values.

When you select the modo light item, On the Maxwell plugin panel there is an option to bring this light closer to the scene center. The default value of "Light Source Offset" is 150km, but you can lower it. The plugin will try to keep the same brightness, so it will lower the exported emission value. The negative side of bringing closer the light plane is that as it comes closer the emitted rays won't be so parallel (which means more blurry shadows).

You can see very sample sample images about the effect of the offset parameter: ... n+-+Lights

I hope it helps.

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