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By F. Tella
Hi all!

A new plugin for Modo has been released!

It is version 3.2121 which has been promoted from beta to stable. Remember to update also Maxwell Render to the latest version (!

You can get it from the Customer Gateway, in the Download Area:

I hope you enjoy it.


Changes/Improvements in version 3.2121
- Improved: Better compatibility with HDR Light Studio (change in Light Studio automatically updates the FIRE window)
- Improved: Adding new image to the scene doesn't stop FIRE, and triggers automatic update.

Bugs/Bug fixes in version 3.2121
FIXED: (OSX) Export progress bar doesn't disappear after export
FIXED: (WIN) Modo can not quit until the opened Maxwell Studio or Maxwell Render is closed.

Changes/Improvements in version 3.2120
- Changed: Render item parameter "Export Mode" has been removed
- Added: New Render Item Parameter "Item Export" - you can set it to export only the visible items, or to export the full modo item tree (this option is not compatible with Motion Blur yet!)
- Added: Maxwell Extension Object parameters: "Display mode" and "Percent"
- Improved: Maxwell Extension Object preview update (under 801 shader update doesn't work, under 701 or below no preview update -> removed because it was to risky)
- Improved: Extension path search
- Changed: Maxwell Extension Object -> Bounding Box is not drawn for polygon objects, only for Extension particles
- Improved: Extension Object particles -> plugin shows bounding box wire if item is not selected
- Improved: Maxwell Referenced MXS item hase new display mode: "Faces". It allows to view the Maxwell scene as normal polygonal object (without material and textures).

Bugs/Bug fixes in version 3.2120
FIXED: Motion Blur doesn't work for instanced meshes.
FIXED: Extension objects can have wrong normal vectors in modo viewport or render.
FIXED: FIRE crashes if no active camera is in the scene.
FIXED: Maxwell Extension Object and Maxwell Referenced MXS items are not refreshed correctly inside the modo OpenGL view.

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