By rsimon
Thank you for the reply Márton,

this is something I should have tried *before* posting here, I'll guess ;)
Will try and report back.
(Might take a few days, as this seems a more random issue…)

Thanks again,

ok, since deactivating the Maxwell Plugin I didn't encounter one single crash.
Got feedback by Lux/Foundry QA, saying it's most likely connected to a known 801 issue with "user values", which will most likely be fixed with SP1.
Márton, it seems there is nothing you could do actually, so I'm waiting for SP1 and in the meantime, I thank you for you efforts!
By rsimon
Hello Márton,

thank you for asking.
Had already updated my previous post, probably should have done a new posting, as the update seems easy to get overlooked ;)

It's obviously related to a known issue in 801, Luxology QA is pretty certain about that it is fixed for SP1.
By Marton Day8
Could you try to temporarily disable the other plugins and see if it still crashes?

(just to make sure we are not in conflict with the other plugins)

By gwronkowski
It doesn't help - the same. But I opened old project and it works fine. It crashes only when I want to do anything with any new project (export to studio or preview in Fire)
By Marton Day8
Ok, I see something.

In plugin preferences panel. Workflow > "Automatically add Maxwell packages" - is it turned off maybe?

By gwronkowski
Yes, it was OFF. I enabled it and it works fine :)
Thanks Marton seems that now all works fine.
By Marton Day8
I am happy it works for you, but this is actually a bug that it crashes if this flag is off. So I have to work on it:(.


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