By Andreas

When we render a facade in orthographic / axonometric view and use a HDRI for background and reflectance (and lighting ofcourse) there is no background image visable in the rendering and no reflectionen in the windows (AGS). Is this a limitation in the ortho views or am I doing something wrong?


Hello Andreas,

Here is the answer from the core team:
"We have looked into that and it does not seem a bug but a property of ortho cameras. You are just getting close to the hdri background pixel, as in a real tele. You can check the same with a thinlens increasing the focal distance, you will see the background image more and more as the focal distance grows. What happens is that internally ortho cameras are like thin lens cameras very very far away (at the infinite, actually) with huge focal lenghts. Therefore using a spheric image with ortho cameras seems very tricky, you would need crazy big resolutions."

By Andreas
Hello Marton

Thanks for the effort researching this! Do you by any chance have a work-around idea? Background is no problem to replace in Photoshop but reflections take a lot more work too simulate.


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