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By Rafal SLEK
Some time ago I realised that when using in scene area emitters as emitter material and AGS it cause some serious problems during rendering.
As usual I have no time to dig into this problem, work should be made fast, so I've switched off emitters and render scene. It was as I remember
~ when version 3.1 was released. I thought that problem was caused by high poly objects and emitters, or HDRI environment.
Example render with errors:

But today I prepared simple sample scene with only three emitters ags glass and no hdri, it cause same problem:

Maybe I am doing something wrong but would be great to know where the problem lies.
Here is ARCHICAD file and mxi and mxs:
Hello Rafal,

The problem in the last image is related to a bug with color multilight (it's a known one, but hard to fix). If you change multilight type to "Intensity" it will render fine.
I'm not sure about the first one.

I would check the white material on the building; it looks kind of transparent. The black dots pattern looks really odd anyway.

Could you send me a simplified version of that file that still shows the problem or just check if it has something to do with color multilight too?

Thank you!

Thx - I'll check it soon, I am preparing now scene for new renders.
Wow! Looks that it works smoothly now, I could live without "color multi light" [for a while :-) ]. Any chance that it will be fixed in near future?
Many thanks for help.
Rendering from test file (but it works also for my WIP, checked):

I would recommend using Photoshop for coloring light which is much more memory efficient and you can also use masks to limit the lights' reach. Just experiment with adjustment layers on the according light layer.
After a while/few MR updates bug is still there. Is it scheduled to fix?


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